Propane Deep Fryer

In this page I will give you the best tips to choose a good propane deep fryer. If you need information about propane deep fryers you should real all this page because hear you will find the best tips and information. The new propane deep fryers are much more efficient because consume less propane. If you have an old propane propane deep fat fryer you should think buy a new one. Exist several brands that produce good propane turkey deep fryers but not all brands are the same. Some brands produce good products others not. Before buy an commercial propane deep fryer you should think about the size that you need and what food capacity a deep fryer should have. This characteristic defines the price and you shouldn’t pay for something that you don’t need.

Some deep fryers reviews

Frymaster MJ35 Deep Fryer-This is a very good deep fryer. Is big and suitable for any need. One big advantage of this deep fryer is that it have Electronic Timer and an Adjustable Thermostat. The open fry pot has a large heat transfer area to fry more product per load. The open-pot design has no hard-to-clean tubes. The dimensions of this fryer are height: 47.75 in. Width: 15.63 in. Depth: 34.5 in.

Bayou Classic Propane Deep Fryer- With this Bayout Classic deep fryer you can fry up golden delicious food for all hungry people that visit your home. This Bayou Classic fryer offers 2 separate fry baskets that allow you keep your foods easily separated and a 4-gallon capacity. This fryer have V-bottom construction keeps base oil temperature cooler than the frying temperature, for longer-lasting oil (up to six times longer!) and no burnt batter and Suspended heating element. With this fryer you can Cook up a mess of chicken, fish, fries, hushpuppies, whatever the crowd is howling for. No one's going away hungry from this shindig.

Masterbuilt 20020107 Propane Turkey Fryer- This Masterbuilt Propane Turkey Fryer is good deep fryer it isAll welded black solid steel 15' LP gas cooker stand Cast iron burner Type 1 regulator and hose 30 qt. Other advantage of this masterbuilt fryer is that it have lid Stainless steel thermometer Wide handle lifting hook Timer with auto shut-off and aluminum turkey pot.

Cecilware Deep Fryer Countertop Gas 28lb Capacity 18inx18inx18in- In my opinion this is a good stainless steel deep fryer this Cecilware Deep Fryer includes top gas fryer w/stainless steel tanks and 2 fry baskets. It has Capacity for 28 lbs have 45,000 BTU if you use Natural Gas and 41,000 BTU if you use propane.

Liquid Propane Dean SR42G Super Runner Gas Floor Fryer 35-43 Pound- This is a professional deep fryer the of oil capacity of this fryer is 43 lbs. The dimesions of this fryer are height: 45”. Width: 15 1/2”. Depth: 29 1/4”.

Star Star-Max Gas Counter Fryer 615FD- This Star-Max deep fryer model 615FD has underfired gas countertop fryers are perfect for a variety of menu items. Have 30,000 BTU that provide fast recovery and maximum performance. And for last but not least the Thermostat ranges from 200° F to 375° F providing quick response to temperature change and fast recovery.

Dean (SM50GDD) - 15 1/2\" All Purpose Fryer - Super Marathon Series -This dean deep fryer is powered by gas their dimensions are 35\" x 15.5\" x 29.25\" and has 120,000 BTU. This fryer have Mechanical thermostat , Adjustable steel legs included and Two fry baskets included.